About us

Trade Connectors FMBA, is a not-for-profit association for GS1 Member Organisations to benefit, collaborate, invest and build a GS1 Platform together.

We welcome all GS1 Member Organisations, large, medium or small. In essence, we are confident that our structure is attractive for all sizes and that we have a value proposition which will fit all sizes.

Our focus is solely to provide value for GS1 Member Organisations. So if our technology makes your members smile, we know it will reflect positively on you as a GS1 Member Organization and you as a service provider.

All GS1 Member
are welcome
a GS1 Platform

Trade Connectors FMBA was established in July 2019; however, the history of the company began back in May 2015 where GS1 Denmark and GS1 Hungary decided to develop a GDSN Certified Data Pool. This Data Pool was ready for production in May 2016 for the GDSN Major Release.

At the same time, GS1 Denmark and GS1 Hungary established a joint venture company called Trade Connectors A/S which was the foundational steps for Trade Connectors.

After some successful years as Trade Connectors A/S, GS1 Denmark and GS1 Finland decided to transform the company from being a shareholding company (A/S) into a Limited Liability and not-for-profit association (FMBA) which is called Trade Connectors FMBA.

The reason for the legal entity change was to ensure the attractiveness of the organisations interest, namely to ensure that; the joint ownership remains, it is not-for-profit, the membership of the association will be exclusively for GS1 Member Organization and to build a GS1 Platform.

to GS1 Member
Collaborate closely
with Product
Management and

The operational side of the association is conducted with very close collaboration with the Members project teams, the Product Management team and Development team.

Trade Connectors has its main operational activities performed from Denmark, Hungary and Finland. In Hungary, we have a very close business partnership with Pro-Sharp with whom we are providing all operations and development services.

Annual General Meeting
The association is governed by an Annual General Meeting, where our members can participate.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is constituted by the A-Members of the association.

Platform Committee
There is a Platform Committee which drives and governs the Joint Development. The Platform Committee is conducted between the A-Members of the association to leverage the economics of scale.

To ensure that GS1 Member Organisations invest jointly in technology and avoid having to invest individually with multiple vendors.

Drive and govern
as a platform
committee member
Be the preferred technology partner for GS1 Member Organisations.
Provide quality solutions in a close and transparent collaboration for GS1 Member Organisations to advance their services for their members.
  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Cost efficiency
  • Responsibility

Foundation principles

  • Trade Connectors FMBA is a not-for-profit organisation.
  • Only GS1 Member Organisations can become members.
  • A-Members have shared responsibility and control.
  • Trade Connectors FMBA will build a GS1 Technology Platform – bringing standards alive with services.
  • Trade Connectors FMBA will facilitate opportunities for the members - Leveraging economies of scale.

Board of directors

Lars Kyed
Denmark, Copenhagen
Jukka Kehusmaa
Finland, Helsinki


Heidi Karvonen
Director, Operations
Finland, Helsinki
Tuomo Kronbäck
Finland, Helsinki
Jonas Adser
Denmark, Copenhagen
Jimmi Shelbaya Bønnelycke
Director, Agile Transformation
Denmark, Copenhagen
Martin Langelund
Denmark, Copenhagen
Zsolt Jacsó
Service Manager
Hungary, Budapest